Applicants who are citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan who want to be admitted to the university must take part in the entrance exams conducted by the State Examination Center. After obtaining a successful result in the entrance exam, they must pass the relevant specialty selection stage. Later, applicants admitted to higher educational institutions must register electronically for the educational institution on previously announced dates. For this, applicants must register online on the portal.edu.az platform and after entering the created cabinet, select the "Student registration for higher and secondary educational institutions" service from the list of services provided. Applicants can get information about documents required during registration and other issues from the portal.edu.az platform or from the Ministry of Education. It should be noted that the applicant's failure to register during this period is regarded as his refusal to study in the specialty in which he is placed, and his admission order is not sent to the educational institution. These applicants are not admitted to the competition held for vacant places. After successfully completing the registration, the applicants will officially receive the title of Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University student after signing the contract with the educational institution. They have the right to study for 4 or 5 years according to their specialization. The admission process for Master's level is the same.

Sub-bachelor's level means the professional-specialized degree given to graduates at the level of secondary professional-specialized education. As a college, our resources are mobilized for the development of our students at the sub-baccalaureate level as highly qualified and competitive professionals. The sub-baccalaureate level of education allows to prepare professionals who adapt flexibly to the labor market, and in terms of expanding access to education, all those who wish can take advantage of these opportunities. Also, it serves to quickly supply the labor market with the required number of specialists. Graduates who successfully graduate from college and receive a sub-bachelor's degree are eligible for non-competitive admission to the undergraduate level of higher education institutions. One of the main conditions when choosing a specialty is to choose a specialty that corresponds to the specialty he received earlier. For more information, you can visit the website of the college.

Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University 

Undergraduate majors and their departments where personnel training is carried out Code of the specialty Name of the specialty Educational units offered by the educational institution   

Row № Qualification code Qualification code Educational units offered by the educational institution
Azerbaijan section Russian section English section
visual in absentia visual in absentia visual
1050101Teaching Azerbaijani language and literature +----
2050102Biology teaching+----
3050103Geography teaching+----
4050105Physics teaching+----
5050106Physical education and pre-association preparatory teaching +-+--
6050107Primary school teaching +-+-+
7050108Informatics teaching +----
8050109Chemistry teaching+----
9050110Teaching chemistry and biology+-+--
10050111Corrective training+-+--
11050112Preschool education+-+--
12050113Music teaching+----
13050114Mathematics teaching +---+
14050115Mathematics and informatics teaching +-+--
15050116History teaching+-+--
16050116Teaching history and geography+----
17050118Social-psychological service in education +-+--
18050119Fine arts teaching+-+--
19050118Technology teaching+-+--
20050121Foreign language teaching (English)+----
21Foreign language teaching (French)+----
22050807Social work+-+--

In accordance with the "Regulation on master's training (master's degree) in the multi-level education system of the Republic of Azerbaijan" approved by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated February 13, 1997, master's training has been carried out at the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University since 1997. As a continuation of the baccalaureate level, the main goal of specialist training at the master's level is to train highly qualified specialists in various fields, future researchers and scientific-pedagogical personnel for universities.

Today, the bachelor's level should not be ignored in master's training. So, some subjects taught at the bachelor's level in one or another specialty are taught in an advanced form at the master's degree. It is for this reason that master's level complements specialization and bachelor's level qualifications should be compatible with master's level qualifications.

Master's preparation "Regulation on the preparation, presentation, defense of the Master's thesis" approved by the order No. 202 of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated April 20, 1998, approved by the order No. 742 of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated November 10, 1998 "Regulation on Specialized Scientific Councils for Master's Dissertation Defense", "Regulations on the Content, Organization of Master's Education and Awarding of "Master's" Degrees" approved by Resolution No. 88 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated May 12, 2010, It is carried out according to the "Rules for the organization of education with the credit system at the undergraduate and graduate levels of higher education institutions" approved by the decision No. 348 dated December 24, 2013.

One of the main tasks ahead is to meet the modern requirements of education at the master's level, to improve the quality of teaching, and to train young people with a high scientific outlook and scientific-research ability. That is why the organization of education should be adapted to European and world education standards.

The Department of Master's and Doctoral Studies is a teaching, scientific and administrative department of the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University and carries out specialist training in the following specialties in the Azerbaijani, Russian and English departments at the master's level:

060101 – "Methodology and methodology of teaching Azerbaijani language and literature" specialization of "Teaching Azerbaijani language and literature" specialization

060103 – "Methodology and methodology of foreign language (English) teaching" specialization of "Foreign language (English) teaching" specialty

060104 – "Methodology and methodology of teaching physics" specialization of "Physics teaching" specialty

060105 – "Methodology and Methodology of Teaching Mathematics" specialization of "Mathematics Teaching" specialty

060106 - "Methodology and methodology of teaching physical education and pre-conventional preparation" specialization of "Physical education and pre-conventional preparation teaching"

060107 – "Technology Teaching Methodology and Methodology" specialization of the "Technology Teaching" specia

060108 – "Methodology and methodology of teaching music" specialization of "Music teaching" specialty

060109 – "Methodology and Methodology of Teaching Biology" specialization of "Teaching Biology"

060110 – "Methodology and methodology of teaching chemistry" specialization of "Chemistry teaching" specialty

060111 – "Methodology and methodology of teaching history" specialization of "History teaching" specialty

060112 – "Methodology and Methodology of Teaching Geography" specialization of "Teaching Geography" specialty

060113 – "Informatics Teaching Methodology and Methodology" specialization of "Informatics Teaching" specialty

060114 – "Methodology and Methodology of Fine Art Teaching" specialization of "Fine Art Teaching" specialty

060115 – "Methodology and methodology of teaching in primary class" specialization of "Primary class teaching" specialty

060116 – "Methodology and methodology of corrective training" specialization of "Corrective training" specialty

060117 – "Methodology and Methodology of Preschool Education" specialization of "Preschool Education and Education"

060118 – "Social-psychological service in education" specialization of "Social-psychological service in education"

060119 – "Theory and History of Pedagogy", "Assessment and Monitoring in Education", "Social Pedagogy", "Organization and Methodology of Training and Teaching" (SABAH) specializations of the "Pedagogy" specialty

060407 – "Management (Organization and Management of Education)" specialization of "Management" specialty (Azerbaijani and English section (dual diploma with George Washington University))

060409 – "Business Management" (MBA) specialization "Business Organization and Management (Education Organization and Management)"

060805 – "Social work in various spheres of life", "Work with youth" specializations of the "Social work" specialty

In order to be admitted to the "Management (Organization and Management of Education)" specialization of the "Management" specialty, individuals who graduated from one of the majors of the "Education", "Economy and Management", "Humanitarian and Social" and "Nature" majors of the bachelor's level can participate in the competition. they can.

The competition in the English-language specialty is held jointly with the Azerbaijani and Russian departments, specialist training is carried out under the joint international program between George Washington University of the United States and Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University. Under the "State Program on Increasing the International Competitiveness of the Higher Education System in the Republic of Azerbaijan for the Years 2019-2023", Master's Double Diploma

The main goal of the program is to train a new generation of specialists in the field of education management in Azerbaijan, taking advantage of advanced scientific achievements and innovative teaching-learning technologies, to modernize the content and quality indicators of the Azerbaijani higher education system in this field with international dual diploma programs. Students who have studied under the program will receive diplomas after studying specialties. Admission of candidates who have obtained the appropriate passing score to a higher educational institution is conducted by the educational institution on the basis of an interview. An IELTS, TOEFL or Duolingo certificate confirming English language skills is required by candidates according to the language of instruction. Within the framework of the SABAH Master's project, which is implemented at the master's level of higher education with the support of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the "Organization and Methodology of Training and Teaching" specialization at ADPU, starting from the 2021-2022 academic year, is the organization and methodology of fundamental training and teaching, solving pedagogical problems, scientific - was created to train specialists who acquire deep knowledge and skills in the field of conducting research and scientific research. In addition, the main goal is to stimulate the creation and sustainability of new content and training infrastructure that will ensure international competitive professional training in accordance with the requirements of the modern labor market and society. Bachelor's degree in the competition for admission to the "Organization and Methodology of Education and Teaching" (SABAH) specialization people who graduated from the "Management" specialty and one of the specialties from the "Educational specialties" group can participate. Admission of candidates who have obtained the specified passing score to a higher educational institution is conducted by the relevant educational institution on the basis of an interview. The competition for this specialization is joint for Azerbaijani and Russian sections. Teaching is in Azerbaijani language. Student admission is carried out only on the basis of the state order.

PDF on the approval of the "Content, Organization of Master's Education and Rules for Awarding Master's Degrees".

Doctorate and in military educational institutions  adjunct  — is the highest level of higher education, a form of training of high-level scientific and pedagogical staff, which carries out the acquisition of a doctoral degree; Education in doctoral studies is carried on programs of Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Sciences. It ends with the awarding of the scientific degrees - Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Sciences, indicating fields of science.  

"Rules for establishment of Doctoral studies and admission to Doctoral studies approved by decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan No.129, of July 1, 2010. Doctoral education is carried out in full-time (with separation from production) and part-time (without separation from production) forms. Higher education institutions and scientific organizations that provide doctoral education, also realize the training of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel through dissertation. Doctoral studies are carried out at the expense of state or on a paid basis. On the program of doctor of philosophy, the duration of full-time study in Doctorate is 3 years, duration of part-time study is 4 years and duration of study through dissertation is 4 years. On the program of doctor of sciences, the duration of full-time study in Doctorate is 4 years, duration of part-time study is 5 years and duration of study through dissertation is 5 years.

Specializations of staff training in doctoral studies and dissertations in philosophy and doctor of sciences programs at ASPU (2015-2020 years)

1202.01 –  Analysis and functional analysis1203.01 – Computer Sciences1211.01 – Differential equations 2220.01 – Physics of semiconductors2301.01 – Analitik kimya2303.01 – k  Physics of semiconductors2306.01 – Analytical chemistry2401.01 – Zoology2411.01 – Human and Animal Physiology2417.01 – Botany5401.01 – Economic geography5502.01 – General history5503.02 – History of Azerbaijan 5706.01 – Azerbaijani language5710.01 – Turkish languages5716.01 – Literature of Azerbaijan5717.01 – Literature of Turkish nations5718.01 – World Literature 5719.01 – Folklore studies 5801.01 – Russian language teaching methodology 5801.01 – Teaching methdology in Biology education5801.01 – Methodology of teaching informatics 5801.01 – Methdology of teaching physics 5801.01 – Methodology of teaching English 5801.01 – Methodology of teaching mathematics 5801.01 – methodology of teaching history 5801.01 – Methodology of teaching technology 5801.01 – Methodology of teaching life knowledge5801.01 –  Methodology of teaching of Azerbaijani language5801.01 –  Methodology of tecahing chemistry 5801.01 – Methodology of teaching geograpghy 5802.01 – Organization and planning of education5803.01 – Teacher training and activity5804.01 – General pedagogy, history of pedagogy and education5805.01 – Correctional pedagogy6104.01 – Pedagogical psychology6107.01 – General psychology

PDF on the approval of the "Rules for the establishment of doctoral studies and admission to doctoral studies".

Retraining or repeated (second) higher education or (second bachelor’s degree) The content and organization of retraining (change of specialization) and repeated higher education which is carried out only in the form of full-time education on a paid basis, and issuance of the relevant state document to those who received education in any direction, are regulated by the "Rules for the content, organization of additional education and the procedure for issuing a relevant document to persons who have studied in any direction of additional education" approved by the Resolution No. 163 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated September 6, 2010 Retraining is carried out taking into account the difference (1 academic year) between the basic education program of the students in the existing basic education programs and the basic education program of the new specialty for the bachelor's degree and equivalent level in the relevant specialty. A bachelor's degree is required for further higher education at ASPU. An interview is conducted with those who applied to the university for retraining or repated higher education, and those who successfully pass the interview are admitted as audit/listeners or students to the speciality they applied for on a contractual basis. Retraining and repeated higher education is provided on a paid basis via individual contracts concluded between any administration, enterprise, organization and individual citizens and the ASPU. For the academic year 2020-2021,the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University had admissions in the following specialties: Azerbaijani language and literature, primary school teaching, preschool education, mathematics teaching, physics teaching, chemistry teaching, biology teaching, history teaching, geography teaching, informatics teaching, corrective training, socio-psychological service in education, music teaching, visual art teaching, and social work. In contrast to repeated higher education, retraining is carried out on the basis of specially designed educational programs based on the main subjects of the bachelor's degree in the relevant field, in two semesters. In the first semester, mainly theoretical and methodological classes are provided, and in the second semester, students participate in pedagogical practice under methodologists’ guidance.

The program is implemented jointly by Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University and George Washington University.

The purpose of the dual degree program is to train a new generation of specialists in the field of education management in Azerbaijan using the latest scientific achievements, innovative teaching technologies, to support the modernization of the content and quality of Azerbaijan's higher education system through international dual degree programs.

Students will study and be awarded with diplomas in the following fields:

  1. George Washington University: Education and Human Development: Education Policy and Educational Leadership
  2. Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University: Management (organization and management of education)

What will students gain from the program?

  • Education policy analysis and devolopment;
  • Evaluate existing projects with research tools;
  • Learn international experience.

Quota: 25 people

Language of study: English

Duration of study: 2 years

Emphasis of the prgram is on the following areas: leadership and management, research, international education, political analysis and development.

Following financial costs are covered:

* Tuition fees;

* registration costs;

* access to teaching materials and electronic information resources

Admission rules

Department for Work with International Students was established in December, 2005 at ASPU. In November 2008, a preparatory department for foreign students was established under the Department for Work with International Students at ASPU, and preparatory courses for foreign citizens were launched.

In the preparatory course, along with language and knowledge in the field, international students are taught Azerbaijan history, Azerbaijan literature, and Azerbaijan geography in order to get to know Azerbaijan closely.

In March 2015, a department for work with foreign students was established on the basis of the Department for work with foreign students and the preparatory department for foreign students of ASPU. The department serves international students studying at ASPU and all foreign citizens who want to study at ASPU.

Over the past years, effective activities have been carried out to improve the quality of education of international students at ASPU, hundreds of foreign citizens have graduated from various specialties and become teachers.

Foreign citizens study at ASPU on the following basis: -on the agreements concluded between the Republic of Azerbaijan and foreign countries in the field of education; -on the results of the examinations of the Higher Education Council of Turkey (YÖK), the Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM); -on the agreements concluded directly by ASPU with foreign citizens; -on a centralized student admission competition conducted by the State Examination Center.

Currently, foreign citizens from Turkey, China, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Syria are studying at ASPU in various specialties and levels.

The Administrative Council of Turkish Students has been operating at ASPU since 2015. They actively participate in the organization of historical, cultural and social events significant toTurkey and Azerbaijan.

Various extracurricular activities - excursions to the city (Alley of Martyrs, Alley of Honor) and suburbs (Gobustan, Gala, etc.), museums and exhibitions are organized for foreign citizens studying at ASPU. İnternational students take an active part in the social life of our university, they act either as organizers or participants in many events. They represent our university in sports, music, art, knowledge and other competitions, contests and festivals decently held both at ASPU and among universities in our country. Extracurricular activities conducted with international students help them to learn more about Azerbaijani culture and people, and promote tolerance in the youth environment.






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