Student's memory book

In the Pedagogical University, which is one of the higher educational institutions with the hottest social life, the social and social needs of the students are dealt with by the vice-rectorate for Social and Humanitarian Affairs of the university. At ASPU, special attention is paid to the social and household conditions of students. In the educational buildings of the university, a modern canteen and a buffet are available for students. Medical services are provided to the student contingent at medical centers in the corps. In Sabail and Ganjlik educational buildings of the university, greenery was planted in the yard and seats were placed and given to students. Students have access to 3 large and well-equipped gymnasiums, 2 large and small assembly halls in each building in buildings I and II. The magnificent large assembly hall in the main educational building of ASPU has the possibility of holding any large events for 400 participants.

In addition, 6 student organizations operate in the university to make the free time of students interesting and useful. Every student can participate in the work of these organizations or participate in their events. Under the supervision of the department of work with students and public relations, these organizations - Student Youth Organization, Student Trade Union Committee, ASPU Volunteers Student Union, ASPU Education Volunteers Public Union, Meh Literary Association and ASPU Turkish Student Management Council are good-minded, national-spirited local and foreign students, they play an important role in their formation as citizens who love their country, and in their socialization.

Within these organizations, clubs and associations operate according to the interests of students. Among them are patriotism, history, geography, sports and health, books, cinema, ecology, etc. the activities of the clubs can be especially emphasized.

Constant intellectual games are also organized among students. "Yes? Where? Na Zaman?", "Brain Ring", "Khamsa", "Search and Find" and other intellectual games league competitions are held.

Faculties, along with the Trade Union Committee, Student Trade Union Committee (STUK), Student Youth Organization (SYO), ASPU Volunteers Student Union (VSU), Education Volunteers Public Union (EVPU) and Meh Literary Association, are closely involved in the organization of cultural and mass events. In particular, the activists of the student organizations of ASPU have shown a highly organized activity in the organization of aid campaigns in the conditions of the Tovuz battles, the Patriotic War, and the pandemic, as well as in the work related to online education. Public organizations of the university participated closely in the organization of the solemn ceremony dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, the volunteers of the organizations were awarded by the management with an Honorary Decree and valuable gifts.

The Council of Elders, newly created in our university, and the Scientific-organizational department, which has just joined these works, also closely support the holding of these events.





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