This is an international dual diploma program in major of  Education implemented jointly with the George Washington University of the United States within the framework of the "2019-2023 State Program for Increasing the Competitiveness of Azerbaijan's Higher Education"

Purpose of the program

Taking advantage of the most advanced scientific achievements, innovative teaching and learning technologies;  to train a new generation of specialists in the field of education management in Azerbaijan, to modernize the content and quality indicators of the Azerbaijani higher education system in this field with international dual diploma programs.

Graduates of the program will

Prepare political analysis and development programs in the field of education; Evaluate existing projects with research tools; Learn international experience.

At the end of the program, students will have diplomas from both universities

CVU: Education and human development: Education policy and leadership;

ADPU: Management (organization and management of education)

Main areas of the dual program:

- leadership and management;

- research, international education;

- political analysis and development programs;

- organization and management of education.

The teaching language of the program is English.

Duration of the programme is  2 academic years.

 "Educational Organization and Management" specialization of "Business Administration and Management" (MBA)

From 2021-2022 academic year, ASPU has started the branch of "Business Administration and Management” (Education Management and Administration) under "Business Management" (MBA) specialization " - MBA 060409 .

Graduates of the "Business Management" (MBA) specialization in Education Management and Administration can work in different public and private educational institutions in the field of educational administration and management. Also, they can act as specialists in the administration, planning and evaluation of education.

In addition, the main goal is to stimulate the creation and sustainability of the new content and training infrastructure which will ensure international competitiveness of professional trainings in accordance with the requirements of the modern labor market and society.

Another area of ​​employment of the program participants is higher education institutions. Graduates defending a thesis can continue their studies in doctoral programs. After obtaining the necessary knowledge and skills within the framework of the program, graduates can work as members of the academic staff in higher education institutions. Teaching is in the Azerbaijani language. Student admission in 2021 was conducted only on a paid basis.

"Organization and methodology of training and teaching" (SABAH) specialization

From 2021, Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan has been implementing  SABAH MASTER’S DEGREE PROJECT, 060119 Pedagogy - "Organization and methodology of teaching and training " (SABAH) specialization at ADPU. Starting from  2021-2022 academic year the project aims at organizing of in-depth methodology in education and teaching, solving pedagogical problems, conducting scientific research, and creating knowledgeable and skilled specialists.

Graduates who have successfully completed the program can work as specialists in the design, organization, planning and evaluation of teaching and training in different public and private educational institutions, including higher institutions, and also work as specialists or consultants in relevant fields in other subordinate institutions, including the Ministry of Education. .

In order to be admitted to the "Organization and Methodology of teaching and training " (SABAH) specialization, candidates have to complete the bachelor's degree in the "Management" specialty and one of the branches in the "Educational Specializations" group. Admission of candidates who have obtained the specified passing score to the higher educational institution is conducted by the relevant educational institution on the basis of an interview. The competition for this specialization is joint for the Azerbaijani and Russian sections, the teaching is in the Azerbaijani language. Student admission is carried out only on the state order basis.


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